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beerThe Hibernian Hospitality Group, a longstanding benchmark restaurant ownership group based in Raleigh, NC, featuring a wide array of authentic and inspiring hospitality experiences.  Whether it’s authentic Irish dishes and pints, high-end cocktails mixed with the region’s best offerings in nightlife, or premium homemade American recipes, the Hibernian Hospitality Group dedicates ourselves to one thing; a great ambiance to make new memories over quality food and drinks!

The Hibernian Hospitality Group’s 50+ combined years of operational knowledge is the foundation for the company’s track record of successful, strong, recognizable brands in the greater Raleigh area.  Currently, there are 3 locations of the Hibernian Irish Pub & Restaurant, Dos Taquitos Xoco, The Station on Person St. and downtown Raleigh’s benchmark nightclub/event space Solas.  The company’s next endeavor will rewrite the record books as the Hibernian Hospitality Group is set to unveil the world’s largest draft beer selection in the Raleigh Beer Garden which opened Spring 2015.

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Track Record of Success
The Hibernian brand has thrived for 14 years in a very competitive market providing high-quality Irish dishes and the perfect pint.

The continuous evolution of Hibernian has culminated in multiple locations serving award-winning food made from the finest ingredients. Keeping up with the latest in quality trends has resulted in the Hibernian’s popularity with today’s consumer.

Strong Recognizable Brands

The award-winning Hibernian and Raleigh Beer Garden franchises are well known.

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Backend Operational Support

We are in business to support you. The Hibernian retains value in its brand by providing key brand support through regular visitation and ongoing evolving training. Our corporate management team has over 100 years of combined operational experience.

Construction Assistance

We provide the benefit of turnkey buildout and design. All molds for fixtures and fillings as well as architectural decor / furniture are provided to create the perfect restaurant.  Each Franchisee has a dedicated Project Manager assigned to their opening.  The HHG Project Manager will work closely with the architect, contractor, and you to ensure your location is opened in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Real Estate

Our National Real Estate team will assist you with the demographic analysis of your market, identify premier location in the market, and negotiate favorable lease terms. Our goal is to find a great location with favorable terms for you!

Grand Opening Training

A few days prior and several days after the Grand Opening our Training Staff will work with you at your location.  Our Trainers will assist the back of the house, front of the house and franchisee to ensure a successful Grand Opening.


HHG understands the importance of capturing every opportunity to increase sales.  HHG marketing packages are designed to increase revenues on a daily basis.  Your Support Specialist will assist you with implementing the promotions at your HHG Restaurant.

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Joining a HHG Franchise and opening a business is a big decision.  Our goal is to provide you with a full arsenal of resources and information that you will need to make this decision.  The first step in this process is to complete a franchise information request form. Once submitted you will be contacted by one of our  representative for an initial discussion.

The following steps should be expected during the franchise process to determine if we are the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us:

– Complete the franchise information request form
– Initial 15 – 20 minute chat on the phone
– Complete personal application
– Attend a Discovery Day
– Review FDD and Franchise Agreement
– Complete a personal interview

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Single Unit Franchise Fee – $45,000
5% Royalty Fee
2% Advertising Fee

No Experience Required
Ambitious, Energetic, Passionate
Business Building & Marketing Skills
Team Building & Employee Relations Skills
Great Customer Service Skills

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Niall Hanley – Franchise Director

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How much money can I make owning an HHG Franchise?
We provide some basic financial operating information in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which will be provided to you after receipt of a full application.

Do I need restaurant operating experience to own an HHG Franchise?
No, but it is preferred.  As an experienced restaurant operator, the learning curve of the business and industry will be far less.

What is the process to become an HHG restaurant franchise?
Your first step is to submit the franchise information request form found on this website. Once we have received that from you, we will contact you to have an initial discussion and determine if you meet the primary qualifications we seek. Once determined that you qualify, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document and you and we can both engage in the conversations and meetings to provide all of us with the information we need to make a decision on beginning what we hope to be a long and successful relationship.

What is the term of my franchise agreement?
The initial term is for a period of 10 years, after which you can renew in 10 year increments pursuant to the Franchise Agreement and lease availability.

Will my territory be protected?
We grant each franchisee a territory protected from us establishing other traditional restaurant locations.

Does HHG help with site selection?
We will work with you in your search for an available site by recommending a commercial real estate broker already familiar with the HHG demographics. We will then offer assistance in site analysis and site selection.

What is the total investment for a HHG Franchise?
Investments vary, depending on the size, location, market, and on other factors such as whether it is a free-standing building or a strip center location.  We estimate that your initial investment will be between $448,000 and $828,000.